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London and Amsterdam 2023

Photo - VidaGol Gap Year 2023 students 

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In June 2023, young people from VidaGol Gap Year will embark on a missionary trip to London and Amsterdam. Thank you for supporting our students on this incredible trip that will change the lives of many people! This would not be possible without your generosity!

VidaGol is a non-profit Christian association that helps young people in difficult financial circumstances to experience a fulfilling life, and that includes bringing that love to other people. This trip is about that.

In London, students will have the opportunity to love and show the difference that Jesus' love has made in their lives. We will work in partnership with churches, serving in the ministries in which they operate. This includes working with homeless people, cleaning, construction and helping those in need.

We will also bring the good news of the gospel - of hope for a rich new life despite financial issues. The UK is a financially rich country but people face a lot of spiritual poverty. VidaGol students will have many opportunities in service and church meetings to bless and enliven many lives in England.

But they will also receive the love of the Lord! They will get to know cities and countries that they never imagined they would visit. All thanks to your generosity!

In the love of Jesus,
Andrew Lorimer 
VidaGol Director / Trip Leader

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