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VidaGol Careers

Studies, job modeling and additional courses - an opportunity to start your career.

Fazendo anotações

The Power of Studying

Invest now to reap in the future

Experienced Guidance - Participants in the VidaGol Careers program are placed in a series of actions aimed at giving a head start to their careers, alongside experienced guidance.

An Environment that Strengthens Schooling - The program provides participants with the necessary environment to strengthen their schooling, prepare for higher education, and enter the job market. Experienced and successful volunteers analyze the students' skills and direct them to the best available courses.

Daily Classes and Exercises - On a daily basis, students participate in various classes and exercises. Currently, VidaGol has established an agreement with the company Datamar (see the link here: VidaGol Datamar Agreement). Students are prepared for the job market, with a focus on the specific activities of partner companies.

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